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My private Gogo -- HEAD 

Getting Go: The Go Doc Project (2013)  
Topic: gay
Romantic Drama (USA)
Run time: 1h 31min
Mrz 4, 2013 (Miami IFF)
Age Rating: 16

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Tanner Cohen (Doc) ♂♂
Matthew Camp (Go)

Ramn Olmos Torres
Judy McLane
Tedd Merrit

Director/ Writer: Cory Krueckeberg

Doc, a shy and somewhat nerdy college student, invents a fake documentary project to get close to Go, a sexy male go-go dancer. A soon-to-be college graduate in NYC, Doc spends his time shut in a dark bedroom making Tumblr video posts about his obsession with Go. One drunken evening, Doc sends Go an e-mail - the new drunk dialing - and asks him to be in a documentary for an ill-defined school assignment. Even after Doc shows up without a camera, Go surprises him and says yes to participating in the project. The film and their relationship take off from there, with 'Getting Go' chronicling the developing relationship.
Getting Go (2013) -- POSTER
  From the team of the acclaimed hit musical and festival favorite WERE THE WORLD MINE comes with GETTING GO probably one of the best, most exciting and award-winning films of the New Queer Cinema. Young, lovely, sexy, humorous, revealing and two main characters to die for.

GETTING GO is an artful look at modern dating and honesty in the digital era.

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